10 Steps to stay above water during COVID-19

Worrying that sales will slow down? Already seeing it happen? 

Here are 10 quick tips to keep you going during this trying time. 

Don't panic!
This is the most important. If you run an e-comm site, you don't need to make any changes. They can still shop with you! Use this time to update your website, catch up on new products, or start offering gift cards (Even if you have to make a hodge podge listing and issue discount codes) 

2.) Add a third party payment option

Try Sezzle, AfterPay or Klara
This will ensure your sales stay afloat during the hardships, and yourcustomers can still score your amazing offerings without committing to right away full payment. 
I know this is a frown for some of our financial conscious e comm owners, but please keep in mind, during times like this, this is the better option than credit, etc. 

Our Sezzle code

3.) Development
Use your down time wisely. Add a new sales channel, switch to Shopify or create  a new product or line. Now is the time to research and develop! 
What will you do with it?!
Build Her Up Boss is offering all services + PDFs at 75% off during Social Distancing/Quarantine. 
Ivy League courses are free right now! 
IfundWomen are offering free workshops! 

4.) Spread It Out
Let's say you decided on offering 10 items for Easter. 
Instead of releasing all 10 at once, split up the offerings. This will ensure they don't get overwhelmed with options and ignore a few products, and push focus on just a few products at a time, leaving you more time to market each item, and bringing more hype to those few items at a time! 

5.) Back to Basics
Have you been focusing on too many things at once? Check out your analytics, see what platform is bringing in the most sales and pour all your time into it right now. Typically, we say do the opposite: but in a time of crisis, make your time really count! 

6.) Engage, Engage, Engage
This is your chance. We say it all the time! But now we MEAN IT! 
Go comment back on every comment you receive. Go live or hit that stories button and let people know what you are up to. Leave a lasting memory while everyone is glued to their phones around the clock right now! 

7.) Plan Ahead
Use this time to dig up old content and then schedule out a post or 2 a week for the next quarter. It will make your social media reach better when you get back to the grind of things. 

8.) Try something new... 
Nothing else working? Now is the time to try something new. Just promise it won't be a financially taxing decision. 
DON'T: add new equipment or buy 10 bolts of a fabric you've never offered before. 
DO: Offer a new easy to make style or try out grab bags for the first time. 

9.) Clean house
Unload that inventory that's just sitting around. 
Ready to ship sales and grabbags made out of items you can't move are usually quite successful and free up space that you may need for all the toilet paper you are hoarding. (I see you, Brenda!)

10.) Network, Network, Network 
Your neighbor is hurting, too. Band together. Giveaways, collabs, email blasts, etc. We are all in this together. It's time to get to know your e-comm brothers and sisters a bit better! 

Have a tip we didn't mention? Let us know in the comments! 

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