Meet Us!


Dorie Kirk founded the idea of The Baby Bird Boutique in November 2011. After losing Kale and becoming pregnant immediately with Kaleb, she developed extreme anxiety. She found that focusing on craft projects for friend's babies made her fears calm.

January 2015, Dorie realized that that her new found love of sewing children's wear needed to become a full time reality. She filed for a business license, perfected her patterns and never looked back.

Dorie takes extreme pride in her precision to detail and comfort for all babies and young children. She has perfected the average romper and dress to not only be comfortable and easy for changes, but to also be practical and grow with your child as much as possible. She has led a unique life, and her desire to give back shines through with each organization aligning with each road of her journey.

She is a pioneer for U.S. pediatric hospice & extended palliative care in honor of Kale Evan, as well as stem cell research and HIE/CP therapy advancement. While those are her strongest campaigns, she also focuses on supporting The Women's Center and their need for panties out of her own tragedy of rape, and finding herself in the program in 2008.

When she has some free time, she enjoys laying in the Bahamas with Eathn & Kaleb, or visiting Kale's spot in the Walk Of Honor, listening to all the birds chirp. She enjoys all bodies of water, & loves to write in her spare time. She's also found a new love of mentoring and consulting other small businesses