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Our Staff


Dorie Kirk founded the idea of The Baby Bird Boutique in November 2011. After losing Kale and becoming pregnant immediately with Kaleb, she developed extreme anxiety. She found that focusing on craft projects for friend's babies made her fears calm.

January 2015, Dorie realized that her new found love of sewing children's wear needed to become a full time reality. She filed for a business license, perfected her patterns and never looked back.

Dorie takes extreme pride in her precision to detail and comfort for all babies and young children. She has perfected the average romper and dress to not only be comfortable and easy for changes, but to also be practical and grow with your child as much as possible. She has led a unique life, and her desire to give back shines through with each organization aligning with each road of her journey.

She is a pioneer for U.S. pediatric hospice & extended palliative care in honor of Kale Evan, as well as stem cell research and HIE/CP therapy advancement. While those are her strongest campaigns, she also focuses on supporting The Women's Center and their need for panties out of her own tragedy of rape, and finding herself in the program in 2008.

When she has some free time, she enjoys laying in the Bahamas with Eathn & Kaleb, or visiting Kale's spot in the Walk Of Honor, listening to all the birds chirp. She enjoys all bodies of water, & loves to write in her spare time. She's also found a new love of mentoring and consulting other small businesses.

Executive Assistant

Jo started BBB as a team member and decided to stay on as an executive assistant and trained in all things Shopify, email, social media & customer service.

She's the person taking care of anything shopify, sending emails, customer service, team management, and other random things. Jo is a mama of 5 year old rambunctious boy and the sassiest two year old girl around.

She lives in Tempe, Az and spends her evenings baking and hopes to go back to work as a photo journalist once her kiddos are grown. Her favorite baby bird piece to date is her custom Dory and Nemo romper her favorite task is loading drops!

Social Media Assistant

Ana began her journey at BBB as a team member first, and then brought on as our social media assistant.  She is now fully trained in all things Shopify, email, social media & customer service.
She's usually the person hosting our giveaways, posting to our Social media, and answering your direct messages.
Ana is a single mom of a one year old and two dogs. She lives just outside Phoenix and spends her evenings slinging salads at her local health food restaurant. Her favorite baby bird piece to date is her plum romper and her favorite task is organizing giveaways!

Staff Blogger and Pinterest Expert

Karen is our staff blogger and Pinterest expert. She helps our team organize P.R. and utilize pinterest and, generally making us look WAY cooler than we truly are. We allow her around, even though we all know bears and birds arent likely pals.
Karen is a socal rad mom of two sweet little girls, Zoey and Lia. She's addicted to Target (arent we all!?) And loves all things Disney! Karen is the mama face behind She had the best advice, shopping tips (DUH!), and always has the best decor and party layouts EVER! Check it out!!!!


Emily is a fellow Benbrook native. She has been happily married for 13 years & has 2 children; Malachi, 10, Hailey, 8.

Emily has been with The Baby Bird Boutique since February 2017. Each new baby bird item she is sewing becomes her favorite.

Emily runs A Thread of Love, which was created out of her passion for sewing and her love for interior decor. Accent pillows and custom curtains are only a few of the items she creates.



Katie is the newest member of The Baby Bird Boutique. She assembles your beautiful pieces from the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. 🌴

She has completely mastered the romper so well, that it's impossible to tell hers apart from Dorie's. 
She has a two year old daughter and two hilarious cats.
Katie is the proud owner of Maui Fabric Design, specializing in children’s swim apparel and Hawaiian inspired kids clothes. 




Tami has been with The Baby Bird Boutique since October 2017. She makes your products from Indianapolis. She and her husband Darren have been married 9 years and have two children; 6 and 3. 

Tami is our jumper specialist. All of the beautiful jumpers and boutique style dresses get her special touch before coming to your closet!
Tami owns Indigo Rose, featuring swaddle blankets, crib sheets and home decor that she hand dyes with shibori techniques.