2019 BFCM

Here we are again scrambling to make the most of that insane sales week at the end of November. We've been here before, and we get smarter each time. Let's talk about all the new things we have learned this year to make the most of this BFCM. 

1.) Get Organized
This should really be a January thing, but you're going to get a head start and have an easier BFCM week because everything will have a checkbox and you won't miss a thing. We suggest Airtable. You can sign up here for a free premium trial. We use the free level (upgrade gives you nice colors and insane amounts of storage) 
If you don't know where to start, check out this video, or have us set up a bomb layout for you here. 

2.) SMS Marketing
We just covered this in a live video and in this step by step blog post. SMS marketing is an impulse thing. Think about where you'll be on Black Friday. Likely, you will be out, not checking your e-mails or scrolling on social media. You know what you will pay attention to? A captivating text message reminding you of a stellar discount for a brand you love! Get a free trial here. 


3.) E-mail Marketing
If you don't already have this platform going, you really cannot afford to wait any longer. Start a quick pop up or landing page now. We suggest even giving an additional incentive to get those subscribers now, but starting BFCM on Thursday for e-mail and text subscribers only! 
Make sure your automations are ready to go- or have us set them up for you. This will make you look so professional and really get them to stick around after the big sale week. 

4.) Try Retargetting
While we cannot suggest a good app any long, after all brands decided to perform poorly for accounts with less than 100k visits. We do love that other platforms offer this feature. Try out Mailchimp or the Marketing tab right here in Shopify

This will ensure lurkers during the big sale week get one more little tap on the shoulder, and those new customers get a reminder of your brand after shopping the major deals. 

5.) Video
This one cannot be slept on. Everyone can get in on this. Does this mean you have to take a shower? Well, at least throw on a cap or headwrap! Live in your Facebook page or group and IGTV are the highest ranked in Facebook algorithm this season. If you skip this step, you certainly won't maximize your reach. Channel your Shia and... 


Those are our 2019 tips. What did we miss? 

Check out our past BFCM tips as well to make sure you dominate this year! Good luck. 
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2018 BFCM Tips

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