Hitting 10k on Instagram

There is a certain bravado once that 10k hits your profile. You want to dance. You want to shout. You feel so tall.


But really, it’s just a number….


The benefit of having 10k+ followers on Instagram includes:

-linking in stories

-looking cool

Wow! That’s it?!

Yup! Sorry to burst your bubble.


First things first. If you are here just to be cool- there’s the door. I’m sure you can pay for some super likes an get to 10k quickly if that’s your game. If you are here to truly maximize what you can get from Instagram, stick around. You’ve got a lot to learn, young grasshopper. And please, say this with me before we even continue:

“I want more customers, not just followers!”

Now that we’ve figured out our priorities, let’s continue, shall we!?

1.) Content

Well, let’s face it. If you never post, no one is going to know who you are, what you are, what you sell or if they like you.

But it’s not just about posting- whatever! You need to find a groove that works for you. This can be hard to do and likely wont come right away. It to The Baby Bird Boutique almost two years before it was obvious that bright, clear, natural photos of babes and products were the winner!

Be sure that you are posting consistently. (1-3x day) and at optimal times (this can be found in your insights on your business instagram account)

2.) Engagement


Um, you’re doing it wrong. Nope!!! Hit that cute magnifying glass (explore tab and do this:

like 5 of their posts, comment on 3. It usually computes to 1 new follower. Don’t believe me? Try it!

Sure it can be time consuming if you allow it to, but if you find some quiet time or even while eating that lunch over your desk, you’ll find its easier than you think and quite beneficial.

Be sure that when someone is commenting on your posts, you are engaging back with them. At minimal this could be liking their comments. At most, reply as genuinely as possible within the first hour of the post.

Listen, I’m not telling you to be a slave to your phone, but I am telling you to be genuine and kind and step outside of your comfort zone.

Another fantastic engagement tool is Telegram.

It’s an app found on both apple and android. You must find special groups to join and can read more about it here.


We’ve all seen those big scary (satire) posts about the continual change of Instagram’s algorithm by now, right? Let’s not even talk about that for one more moment. 

Here’s the skinny:

You can use up to 30 hashtags. Period. They would prefer it IN the content and would prefer you change it up time to time.

The secret with all of these changes is still to rank as high as possible (even in the moment) to hashtags that you’ve either created or that align great with your niche.

The Baby Bird Boutique created #THEromperqueen (since #romperqueen is a mix of adorable babies and sorority girls.) The company ranks #1 exclusively for this hashtag, and customers have picked up on the trend!

Find a good 100 hashtags that really pertain to you and your brand. Break them up into small groups [5-10]. Rotate accordingly and use the additional 5-10 for more catering on the post. (think color, season, style, holiday, etc)

4.) Stories

If you aren’t using stories right now, you are hurting your brand and neglecting your customers. END OF STORY! Go now! Right this second. It can be a camera shot of you sewing something, packing up orders, or even from your library of a new product.

Don’t just post stories.

-Geotagging : when you post a story, scroll up to bring up the features. Add your city or nearby city. This helps show you off to more accounts (they do not have to be following you)

Polls: This helps your customers feel connected to your brand and process. Utilize it!

GO LIVE: Who cares if you’re uncomfortable for a minutes. Guess why?! Because when you go live, Instagram sends a notification to EVERY SINGLE FOLLOWER of yours!!!!!!! yes, it’s true. Don’t believe me? Dare you to try it!

Who cares what the live video is. Get creative. If you’re a children’s brand, its completely acceptable to go live a few times a week at lunchtime and share what you made your kids. Other great lives would include showing off new products or even doing a q& a while you pack up orders!!!

5.) Network

Let me say that a few more times: Network, Network, Network, Network.

Hop on boards, groups, ask questions, even post about finding shops that align with your products.

Do you sell baby shoes? Find shops that sell blankets, rompers, headbands, beanies… Make friends with the folks that align with your products.

There are endless opportunities here: giveaways, code exchanges, group codes, Loops, collabs, etc. etc. etc.

The Baby Bird Boutique has had THE BIGGEST growth from simply reaching out to brand new brands they believed in. Ever heard of EZPZ? Thought so. Dorie networked and made herself known, and now her brand is invited to exclusive product loops multiple times a month with the biggest baby brands around.

Don’t just limit yourself to other pals. Be open minded, and try buy in loops WHEN IT MAKES SENSE.

I feel like we need to re-read that and really let it sink in. There have been so many giveaways around lately that promise results but ask for $75 30 slots and the prize is a Starbucks gift card. That’s not likely to be a great use of your money.

There is only one true company we can recommend, and that is LCB Loops. They’re innovative and found new ways to conduct giveaways that are more beneficial for all parties involved. Do your research. We have had clients have success with Disney loops and other niche aligned loops through other platforms. Be smart, do the math and make sure its a great fit for your brand.

If you are going to participate in giveaways and loops, DO NOT WASTE THE OPPURTUNITY. Engage with the new followers. Click on a few of them , like, comment and let them know you care. IT seems so time consuming, but it’ll ensure they stick around even when they find out they didn’t win that prize.


We have since started a loop channel as well. To get on the waiting list, send a DM request. 


BONUS: What NOT to do

-Do not simply buy 2 loops a week for the next 2 months and hope it magically happens.

-Do not burn yourself out on giveaways.

-Do not give away smaller amounts of shop credit then the product you carry.

-Do not force yourself into a circle of friends who aren’t like minded or similarly branded

-Do not overshare.

-Do not use excessive filters that do not align with your brand.

-Do not give up!!!!!

-Do not buy likes!

-Do not follow for follow (it isn’t genuine)

-Do not buy followers.

-Do not cry to others about growth if you haven’t tried every single one of these strategies

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