IG Guides: Marketing Hack

Wanna knock out marketing 10 different ways within 10 minutes? 
Nope- not one of those weird spammy ads where a guy walks in front of expensive cars and promises you things. This is REAL! 

And I made a few horribly visual videos to show you! 

You see, I have a really great friend who does this small business thing along side me. Problem is, she can create all day long and never market- not once! 
So I've been looking for more ways to cross market as easily as possible to show her she can succeed! 

For this "hack", we are simply utilizing Instagram guides; which by the way, is such an underrated feature on that platform! 

You're going to create a guide using your OWN products!

(You'll have to have Instagram shopping set-up already*If you use Shopify, this is as easy as clicking + on the sales channel to Instagram and following the steps) 

This is used best for holidays, new drops, new products, bundles, etc. Get as creative as you can! 

To create the guide, head to Instagram, go to your profile + click "View Shop"

Go through your shop and save (tap the black flag) the products you want to curate together. 

Next, you'll click the home/profile button, then the + at the top right

Choose Guide-> Choose Products-> Toggle from Search to Wishlist
This will display any recently saved products. 

Now choose all the saved products you want to include in this guide. 
You will have to choose one, choose the photo(s) from the product, post or even your shop-> next you'll have to click + "add products" at the bottom to continue to place more items into the guide. 
(This varies from normal guides by posts + places) 

Once you've added all of your products, simply choose a cover photo (from the guide, your saved pics, or your feed) add a title and caption and you're done!!! 

That had to have taken less then 10 minutes, right? 

Now here comes the real magic! 

Now that your guide is created, first and foremost, take a screenshot and crop nicely of the cover photo. 
This is your "Base" graphic. 
Then head into bit.ly or any other link converter to make a prettier link. 

You've got your bones: Guide, Graphic, Link

We are 2 minutes in TOPS! 

1.)Share to IG Stories
(from Guide, click the paper airplane top right) 
2.)Share to FB Stories
(It'll give you prompt before you click "done" on sharing to IG) 
3.)Make IG Post 
(You can do this by sharing the story as a post, or creating one from scratch- still will take seconds, because your "bones" are ready to go) 
4.)Share to Pinterest
(simply click the top right 3 dots from the guide-> Choose "Share To") 
5.)Create an E-mail 
(simply click the top right 3 dots from the guide-> Choose "Share To") 
6.)FB Biz Post 
(Go to a group, create post + drop your image and link) 
7.)FB Group 
(Go to a group, create post + drop your image and link-> DOUBLE HACK-> cross post with the new group feature into as many groups that are relevant!) 
8.)Create a blog post

(Simply drop the image + wording and hyperlink) 
9.) Create a Reel
(Screen Record the Guide scrolling slowly + add music lowered to 10 + optional voiceover of the curated items) 
10.) Create a TikTok
(Repeat the steps as above for TikTok) 

I promise you, this will take you 10 minutes or less! And the more you do it, the faster you'll get. 

In less then 20 minutes total- you'll have an entire week's strategy to cross promote your business on 6 different platforms, 10 different ways! 

Video on creating a Guide w/products! 

Video on marketing the Guide! 


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