Meta Communities Summit Recap

Meta Communities Summit Recap

Meta hosted its annual communities summit to give updates on what's to come for groups. 
I very quickly jotted down the few noteworthy things to come.
I have to admit, every year it seems anti-climactic but this year took the cake. Nothing super special is coming that would be particularly beneficial for small businesses (especially handmade) except maybe the one-way message system. 

Very soon,  we are going to be able to send one-way messages  to group members about special updates. 
Think of this like the @everyone feature but directly to their inbox, and they can't reply to it :) 

We will also be given private chat groups within events published by groups,

Honestly, it sounds like Meta is taking notes from apps like Slack to enable groups to communicate even better and never leave the app. 

No, really. Think of the ways you did things the first few months you opened compared to now. 
You didn't have an e-mail list or hustle too hard off of one single social media platform, so this will be really helpful for those just starting or those starting over. 

I'm not super pumped about things like contributor badges, etc. just because they don't fit well for groups that are already selling items to their community members.

The new filters are great especially for those of us who don't have multiple admins. 
It'll filter spam like information and false information. 

The "daily digest" isn't anything to write home about unless you have the most poppin' off group on Meta(as with a lot of their new announcements.)

Watch for yourself here. 

It really gets started around the 4minute mark, and the "fire side chat" is worth skipping! 

What feature are you hopeful for?

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