Product Launch Success Tips

We know to stay current in e-commerce, there has to be new products.


This can be a great way to scale your business- whether its seasonal, trending, or just giving your consumers more of what they love, creating new products equates to more sales, and brings in new customers and more traffic to your site.


Let’s make the most of it, shall we?


1.) Choose designs

  • Trends
  • Seasonal
  • New style
  • New colors
  • New Prints

Whether it’s one new product or a series (5-10) of new products, there has to be a clear plan. Make sure if its a collection, that its cohesive. Don’t just toss a handful of new junk together just because.

2.) Seek out collabs/Schedule shoot for content

In the small shop world, this can be as easy as posting in your Rep group, VIP page, or in rep pages to seek out a model to get great shots for you.

Remember, you’ll also want to either outsource actual product shots and/or flat lays of the items styled a few ways.

This will ensure you have plenty of varying content to hype the launch.

3.) Mock ups

If you’re making graphic tees, or if you have a designing program that allows, mock up the items (Which will create content as well)

4.) Give first dibs

  • Reps
  • VIPS
  • Subscribers
  • Etc.

5.) Create the hype

  • Giveaways
  • lives with sneaks
  • emails
  • Stories
  • Ads


6.) VIP Access passes

This step is completely optional, but for some, preselling a set amount to your rep or VIP group could mean funding the rest of the line.

This can be as simple as a post a few days ahead stating pre-sale (& perhaps, a discount?!)


I know, you hate it! GET OVER IT!!!! I can’t say this enough. On both Facebook and Instagram, when you go live, ALL of you followers get notified. It’s that simple. You don’t have to hope and wonder if they actually saw it. They will be notified. There is a higher chance of them seeing you live then any other way of communication (besides an engaged Email list)

Show them ways to style it (flat lays or models) , show them the entire line, or just talk about the product and yourself.

We used to go live every road trip and do something similar to “beat shazam” BEFORE there was such a show. We would give winners discount codes, and it was FIRE!



8.) Create a countdown to launch.

This could be a different shot  (remember the different ways we had it photographed and mocked up earlier? This comes in handy now) With the number of days til launch Scheduled out on facebook and emails.

Get creative and keep it engaging.



9.) Prepare all of your launch posts

  • schedule out your drop day email
  • schedule out your F.B AND VIP posts
  • Mock up/draft/schedule Your Instagram post(s)
  • Get a story ready for Instagram
  • Prep your team or network (shop shares)
  • Have cute wording for the groups that allow promotions

***Bonus Tip- Create differently Bitly links and/or discount codes PER PLATFORM to test which way got you the most traffic***


So- How often do you drop products?

Do you follow any of the tips above?

Have any other tips?

Shoot us a comment & let us know!

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