Purge Followers: Build Engagement

Say it with me: "We don't care HOW many people follow us, as long as they're the right people." 

I cannot tell you how many times a client hops on a call with me and tells me their number one goal is more followers- WHY? 

There's this old saying, "Quality over Quantity" and it hold just as true today. 
Gone are the days where you had to have 10K followers to link things or have special features, so why are you still worrying about your follow count? 

Instead, worry about your reach, your engagement, your profile and website clicks! Those are the metrics that bring value! 

While I know it's going to be an idea to grasp, we've got a few fool proof tips to help you purge out all the followers that are dead weight to your social media account! 

Start small: 
Remove accounts with no pic

Remove businesses that follow but don't engage. (yes, follow trains suck!) 

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