Secret Networking Weapon

Sometimes fails end up wins. 

Recently, The Baby Bird Boutique collaborated with five moms in anticipation for a major product launch. The deadline came and went, and no pictures surfaced. Instead of rolling over, Dorie took matters into her own hands and tried something "scrappy". 


She challenged her team to design digital flatlays of the item. 


They were to pair the item with any other accessories (encouraged to incorporate as many small businesses as possible), post the flatlay on instagram using a specific hashtag by a deadline. Dorie then grabbed one flatlay per account, created an album in Facebook group (VIP) *She also created a story highlight for them all* and gave a 24hour period for voting. 

This not only got the product seen on each participants instagram account, It got picked up by several of the other shops incorporated, as well as being posted in the VIP page. It created an insane buzz about the items and they SOLD OUT the same day they dropped. This turned from a nightmare to a solid WIN! 


Click here to learn how to assemble a digital flatlay. They are so perfect to gear marketing in a different direction and really think outside of the box. 


Was there ever a time a fail forced you to do something that ended up a win? Let us know below! 

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