Shopify Checklist

Hate reading? 
We've got a step by step video for you! 

1.) Get trial
2.) Buy domain 
We suggest buying your domain right here through Shopify. This gives you access to FOUR free domain e-mails
3.) Load ALL products. You can perfect copy and photos later. Just get it done. 
4.) Make collections [and sort your products into them.]
5.) Make pages [faq/about me/contact us] 
6.) Navigation [ the way the menus are presented on the front end. - I'll give a cheat right below this] 
7.) Pick a theme [we love pop and Brooklyn the most] 
8.) Build your theme (video below) 
9.)Add sales channels
10.) Add apps 
11.) Have eyes on it
12.)LAUNCH [email market. Build hype on social media etc.]

Shopify basic ----


Making new collections (shop sections) 

Products --> collections --> create collection --> title, description, photo *optional* conditions *optional - not recommended* [manually- otherwise] 

Online store --> Navigation --> shop menu --> add item --> name --> link --> collections--> link collection with name of collection. --> add. --> save. 

Products --> click all applied --> bull actions---> add to collections --> click all that apply --> also at this time ensure its pushed through all sales channels applicable ---> bulkactions --> make products available --> click. 



Sure, this can look scary. If you decide this is over your head- we got you, too! 






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