Shopify collabs: How to fix commission

Shopify collabs: How to fix commission


Shopify Collabs has been an incredible free tool for so many small businesses, but, it seems when they bought Dovetail, they really didn't plan ahead to fix all the appropriate things needed to truly set us up for success. 

The number one issue has ran into has been commission somehow tracking for a lot of our affiliates. 

This is typically our most active affiliates, and I'm assuming it has something to do with how they have to generate links right now (another big issue Shopify needs to fix) 

Here is the best workaround we have found to correct these payouts: 

Navigate to Shopify Collabs -> payments -> click through each persons commission and what orders they were for.

If they did get commission for their own order, write down the order # and date.

Go back to payments dashboard then back to them and click “open a dispute”.

You’ll choose one of the dates (doesn’t matter which one if there’s multiples) and then In notes list all orders and dates and put “commission not paid to affiliate for their own orders”.

Then go back to payment dashboard, go to “in dispute” and click resolve.

Once you’ve clicked that, you will only click THE ORDERS THAT DO QUALIFY! All other orders will drop off their commission owed.

Press accept and notice the new total on payment dashboard.

Until Shopify collabs fixes their tracking, this is the best solution for making sure your affiliates don’t earn commission on their own orders. 

Hope this helps! 

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