Shopify: ROW DTLA

When I booked our summer vacation, I heard a rumor that there was a shopify "spot" in the area. I was ecstatic! I looked it up, but at the start of 2019, their website was quite vague. Either way, I thought, I AM GOING! 

Their words on the space: 

"Drop by Shopify at ROW DTLA – it’s a one-of-a-kind destination for current and aspiring business owners to learn, experiment, and build with Shopify. At the space, you’ll find support, advice, educational classes and inspiring events. Visit the website or drop by to learn more."

When I walked into ROW DTLA, I was in awe. This wouldn't just be a stop into Shopify. There was what appeared to be an abandoned American Apparel building that started off literal rows of fun spots. Cute coffee shops, pop up leather goods and let's not forget the sidewalks lined with cute walls and stacks of instaworthy plants. 

(ROW- a cute play on rows of manufacturers, pop ups, store fronts and "hot spots" like the one Shopify has + DTLA: Down Town Los Angeles- Just in case you needed a breakdown like I did) 

First stop was to check in. This let's the space know you are here, what business(es) you run, and if you are a partner/expert. Not just for their records, but to actually assist you. They may guide you to a special place in the room or they may just suggest a room you can use or an upcoming workshop you may be interested in. 

I had booked an hour in their photography room. I could spend the entire post just talking about this room, but I'll stop myself. I knew I had a shoot planned later with some local moms and babes, so I took advantage of this time to get some amazing product shots for my fall line! 
Ya'll, they have cameras, lights, screens, props and assistants. You don't just pay for a room. You could quite literally come with a box of products and that's it! I was in complete and utter awe. 

Yes! two hours, $99! All that equipment, an assistant and the room! 
How many time have you scrambled for a decent space to take photos? Don't ask me- I've completely lost count. 

There is also a podcast room. YES!!! 
Don't worry. The next time I'm in town i'll have a list of you all to join me!

And workshops!!!! 
These workshops are so bomb. The one I wanted to attend the week I was there was two hours long and didn't fit with our schedule. But ya'll, it was only $50!! Food was provided, and the class was two solid hours on e-mail marketing! WHAT!?!? I am here for it! All the way in! 

Okay! By now you can tell I am ready to just move to Los Angeles just to visit the shopify store every day, but I am not even done. 

You ain't even ready for this! Ya, I said it in all it's Texan glory! 

They allow pop ups!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that not the coolest thing ever??? 

So, let us know if you've ever been. What you think of it or if this blog post has you booking a flight to LAX! 

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