Summer Content Plan

So school is out for the next two months but you still have a business to run. 

Let us show you a quick way to stay on top of content while laying poolside while your 7 year old blasts you with a water gun.


1.) Download Airtable
I feel like we've already had this conversation, girlfriend. Let's do this already! 

Don't wanna make your own bones? We've got you there, too. 

2.) Come up with some branded "days of the week" 
This could be part of social media trends, or just a topic you like to hit for your brand weekly.
Here's ours: 

3.)It's time to implement. 

Once you've decided your days of the week,it eliminates  all the sitting and (over)thinking.

However you store content (graphics, photos, etc.) Now is the time to get them generalized, because Airtable makes it super easy to put them right where they should be. 

Work platform by platform filling in each day

(omit if you skip posting on certain days.) 

We have found this posting schedule to be most beneficial for our brand: 
-Facebook Business page : 1/day 
*we share THAT post to our affiliates/team + to our VIP/community* 
-Instagram: 3-5/day
+ 3-8 stories including all the new stickers, location, # 
-E-mail marketing: 1-5/wk
*this includes drops, updates + segments.
** This DOES NOT include e-mail automations. 


Here is an example of the beginning stage of June for Instagram: 


Note that we start first with our releases/drops. 
Suddenly just by adding that bit in, we have less days to tackle from the start. We will post 2-3x that day just about what item(s) may be releasing. If we feel the need to post more, we will grab UGC (user generated content: tagged posts, etc. ) 


5.) Fill in the blanks

We continued by first, adding "sneak" posts before our drop days. 
Next, we looked back onto our days of the week and injected a few here and there. You don't want to be too predictable, but you also don't want to spend 5 hours just PLANNING your content. 

Finally, the few gaps be had, we padded with UGC days. 
Nothing makes your customers happier than seeing their own photos on your social platforms. It makes your life easier and makes them feel valued. 


6.) Repeat. 
Repeat this process with other social platforms : Facebook, e-mail marketing. 

You CAN mirror the same schedule throughout all platforms, however, we recommend mixing up timing and even content by a day or two. Just a few swaps here and there will keep every platform happy & engaged. 

7.) Post/Schedule 

The last thing to do is schedule all your fine work out or take a few moments during your busy summer day + click post. 

8.) Enjoy your summer!!! 

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