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Wanna bring in at least 10% more income and tap into the easiest way to market? Then it's time to add SMS Marketing into your strategy. We will break this down so it isn't one more scary thing to learn. Instead, you'll find it's your easiest task bringing forth the biggest return on your time and money. Ready? 

1.) We should really call this step 0- If you don't already have Shopify, I don't even know what you're doing. This alone is worth paying the $29/mo for a website. Seriously. Click here for a two week trial. 

2.) Go check out the Shopify app store and grab this app. Sure, there are others, and you are welcome to try them, but we have done a ton of research and know that this gives you the most bang for your buck, and what do you know- it also has the easiest dashboard.  Download PostScripts Here. 

3.) Get acquainted with their dashboard. 

4.) Schedule your first campaign. 


Price per text in U.S. is $0.0149 
With an image or GIF is $0.07 (YIKES!) 
Pro-Tip: They will automatically put this adorably expensive heart GIF in your message. Be sure you always click that x and knock that out of there. Very rare occasions call for an image .This would be when you know that the image portrays what you need to say better than that text, and that it will have a big ROI. Otherwise, skip the image and save the money.  

Be sure you edit the text. ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS put some form of identification first. The astounding amount of businesses who send out SMS alerts without identifying their brand is sad. Notice below that it will help you stay within one message. You can always find a way to get your alert to fit in one. Promise. 

Once you've reviewed it, the next screen will let you know exactly how many people on the list will be receiving the text, and how much this will cost you. 

Hit send then run to your live view. It's gonna be fun. 

That's it!!! We promise you'll see a huge ROI with SMS marketing. 

Check back shortly for tips on how to grow your list and utilize the bells and whistles in this app. 

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