The Handmade Movement

There was a time where arts & crafts were frowned upon.

That time is GONE!

I sat alone day in, day out with a growing belly. A belly I had pleaded to my higher power for. Every day i grew more anxious. I had just said goodbye to my firstborn son, and I was on pins and needles to ensure the new life inside of me was safe. That’s when my husband appeared with a sewing machine. I had never sewn a thing in my life. He watched the tutorials for me, taught me how to use it and wished for the best. Within two months, I was completing simple patterns I had found online.

Within a few months I had started a Facebook page and began taking requests. I thought, “Oh no! I’m like my crafty Aunt Mildred, now!” But I had no idea the desire new mom’s had to dress their babies in more unique fashions than offered at retail stores.

By 2013, I had decided that this “craft” could likely generate enough income to justify my staying in home with our beautiful rainbow and took the steps to becoming a real life business!

The Baby Bird Boutique is still going strong, and I am finally confident enough in my skill set to offer assistance to other e-commerce stores. I have recently added a new project on my plate supporting local handmakers and equipping them with networking, market oppurtunites, and the knowledge to present their talent to the world. If you are local to the DFW area, Fort Worth Makers is for you!

Do you have a similar story about how arts & crafts made you into an entrepreneur? We want to share your story!

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