Week Eleven: navigating a failing business

 This week was on cruise control and I just tried my best. I spent most of this week producing NYE and prepping for my big surgery next week. 


Sunday, December 11
I'm doing my best to find downtime but between actually selling stuff for once, prepping for a huge surgery and holiday and school junk, I'm lucky that I am getting to shower quickly each night around 1am. 

I got a few reels and tiktok videos drafted up and half of the NYE orders cut for tomorrow. Gonna call that a win and finish editing pics. 


Monday, December 12
Mondays just suck right now. I have physical therapy every single Monday at 8am. How could that be fun?! I have my pre-op appointment today as well, so It's going to be drive here, drive there, try to eat, run home and sew, drive this way, run to the post office and head home. 

*I did get a night sew session in as well and videoed making some of the bows. 
Everything is content, right?! 

Tuesday, December 13
These next few days are going to be so hard. I have to go and get imaging done in Dallas two days back to back at 8am. That means waking up at the crack of dawn when I sew into the wee hours, fighting insane traffic, stressing over the appointments then driving home against insane traffic and heading into serious sewing sessions.

Joke's on me. I had to drive there with a boot on in pouring rain and a TORNADO!

There wasn't very much story time today for me on Instagram. Oh well, my views are at like 55 so I guess it isn't that big of a deal. 

Wednesday, December 14
Back to Dallas after only getting four hours of sleep. This time the weather was nice but the traffic never cooperates. I got back to my desk around eleven and ate an early lunch while I posted on social. Head down, time to sew! 

I spent midday planning January (I know, I'm late) and cutting bows for the solids release coming up. 

Another late night sewing session. Where did this come from? I used to be in bed by 930pm. Now I'm just starting to really get into a sewing groove at that time. 

Thursday, December 15
Last day of school for Kaleb. This week never ends. He skipped the holiday party for his therapy (OT Gyms are really cool, apparently!) I slowed myself down to enjoy lunch with him and some after session time. But, I kept my nightly sewing date in tact. Heading to bed at 220am!!! Who am I?! 

Friday, December 16
I get all day to just focus on work. Time to draft posts, reels, all the things! And sew. So much more sewing happening.
And videoing everything I do. I got so many orders shipped out and I am so proud of myself. In the past, I'd get in a rut powering through this many orders over and over once the money is long gone. 
I'm just keeping myself busy with "Don't Ask Tig" podcasts and listening to "Happier Than Ever" on repeat... 
Oh, and I sent an email and text offering a discount on our grab bags and solids. Looks like I finally got an order this week... 

Saturday, December 17

I'm wearing down. This boot on my foot is killing me and the sewing of tulle is truly never ending. 
No marketing today. Just hitting post on some drafts and showing up in stories offering the code from yesterday again. It's all I can do. Head down, back to sewing. 

Total $75.70 
YIKES! One sale. 
This just goes to show you can think you hit a homerun and e-comm will humble you right quick! 

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