Week Five: navigating a failing business


Sunday, October 30
I made this my shopping day- I loathe shopping AT craft/supply stores because these are notoriously so behind in technology! I wasted a TON of labor hours doing this! 

Monday, October 31
Listen, I fucking skipped trick-or-treating with my son. That's how depressed I am. 
Instead, I cut hundreds of pieces of ribbon and assembled wands all night. Hoping that a new product would bring some buzz in my business. Spoiler alert below.. 
6.5 or more

Tuesday, November 1

Okay, by this time I was just pissed. I had slumped back into my workaholic ways, even when it proves to not help. 
So I made a plan. The plan alone took about an hour which infuriated me. I'm gonna spend an hour a night making these wands, then spend 1 hour a day on the computer and 2-3 hours a day in production mode for baby bird. If I give it a second more, I will be hurting my own mental health and my family. 
I stuck to the plan today to a tee. So that time plus the planning puts me at exactly

5 hours. 
$0 (no surprise!) 

Wednesday, November 2
I spent today sticking to my routine. I cut a ton of fabric for new items coming, made my wands at the last hour of the day, and spent an hour on the computer hustling Etsy and Faire (without return) 

Thursday, November 3
I finished the final touches on my "thanks" items and drafted 6 posts, 3 reels and 3 tiktoks. I spent time in the VIP trying to make a buzz about the new bows, wands and "thanks" items coming tomorrow. That @ everyone feature doesn't feel like it's truly working anymore. 
5 hr

Friday, November 4
I scrambled to load the website day of and as luck would have it, my internet went down! I was almost two hours late loading my site and it clearly hurt me. I worked at least 
And made... 

*Someone did purchase two items but used a coupon that wasn't valid on the item and I was forced to refund the entire order* 

Saturday, November 5
I hit "resend" on the email, bumped a few comments in the VIP, posted a few drafts in IG and TT and sewed for one hours + my nightly hour of endless wand making that no one wants. 

Total Hours: 37 hrs
Total Sales: $41.50
$1.12/hr OUCH! 



October Summary: 
Total Hours: 168
Total Sales: $767.40

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