Week Four: Navigating A Failing Business


Shit's getting real! 

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Start of October Dorie was somehow a little too optimistic- The oxymoron isn't lost on me. How could I have a sliver of optimism left inside me while doing a series about my failing business?! 

I'm dealing with such heavy, heavy personal things right now that even the thought of tracking my business hours seems like a giant slap across my cheek! 
I'm going to leave an ESTIMATE on time I spent solely on Baby Bird as well as the sales, but I really want to encompass just how juggling multiple failing businesses amid personal ruin is really doing to my mental health. 

Self awareness is step one, right? 
I thought that's why this series would be so helpful to myself and others. It would bring awareness to the fact that I was sinking too much time into something that wasn't showing a return. 

It ended up sending me into a further downward spiral because looking at the failure in the face only highlighted the failure in other parts of my life, as well. 
I have a *stack* of to-do lists and wishful topics to explore in regards to all three of my businesses. How do you find time to even pivot or expand when doom is around every corner? 

I made the decision to indefinitely close Elite at the close of 2022, which is soul crushing as it's been one of my absolute greatest passions. 
I've made another soul crushing decision to close down the BHUB site at the close of 2022, as it earns ZERO revenue anymore. ZERO. Like I am literally paying a monthly fee as this point so people can come and read once a week how bad I am failing. 

Call me a masochist, I guess. 

I have no time or energy to physically sink into my photography business at all and then once a week, I come face to face with an hourly rate equation in regards to sitting at a sewing machine all day without sunlight or happiness or community then turn to algorithms that are against me and a growing culture of fast fashion. 

Life is pretty heavy right now. So for week four, I'm admitting that. 

So sorry if you really liked to join in in my misery strictly business-wise. 
You got the overshare of an AUDHD adult instead this week at no extra charge! :) 

Approximate hours for babybird: 35hrs
Week 4 Sales: $235.50
But, still somehow improvement. 

I did plan the rest of the year's drops so that's a big weight lifted. How it'll perform- I'll never be able to predict. But it truly is what it is! 

I'll have a monthly summary in next week's blog post. 
See you then! 

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