Week One: Navigating a failing business


This week encompasses October 1-8

Things to note: I don't do well with change, so it'll be slow. You'll notice as the weeks go on I abide by the new hours, but right now.. things look a little weird. 

It's also an ego bruise to notice how many hours are being poured into a business that's bringing forth pennies. 

I'm literally baring all here. 

I keep a daily tracker on Airtable that keeps me focused. I also keep a to-do list with pen and paper right by my side with a list of tasks as well as my production list set out in order. 

Saturday, October 1

I did something I rarely do... 
I slept most of the day! 
I still managed to post 4 stories on IG and post a reel. 
But that's about it. 

Time: 30min TOPS
Sales: $0

Sunday, October 2
Posted a reel and drafted two more. 
Re-applied to the reels bonus program
Saved editing from reel and moved over to tiktok
created 7 graphics and 15 reels cover photos
posted on stories (FB as well) 
Posted in VIP and used @ feature. 
Sent an email and sent a segmented text to anyone who had purchased in the last 3 months. 
Cut 17 pieces
Chose 20 pieces to sew for the next drop 
Checked emails/sent emails
Pinned 5 posts + 5 etsy products
Spent about 20min on pinterest pinning things

Clicked "following" on IG and spent 20min engaging
(NO ONE ENGAGED BACK! This shit is flawed and no one cares anymore!) 
Time: 11.5 hours
Sales: $0

Monday, October 3

This morning, I got screaming mad about Instagram and thought that if I went through my following list maybe my engagement/reach might improve a little. 
I spent FOUR HOURS removing over 1800 people. Remember back in the day when Instagram did their own cleaning up of abandoned profiles and we whined that we lost followers not realizing it was actually helping us?! oh, those were the days. 
Sent an email (x2) 
Posted 3x on FB
8 stories on IG

sewed 6 items
1 Reel
VIP post 
Posted to TikTok once. 
Uploaded an item to faire 
Sent a faire email
Time: 9 hours
Sales: $0


Tuesday, October 4

I figured out why I slept so much on Saturday. 
Covid + 
I still managed to make a few graphics from bed, 
post to stories x4
post a carousel of graphics (that I had high hopes for) 
sent a few emails
Email blast (x2) 
Text a list of people who have never purchased
2 FBposts
Time: about 4 hours
Sales: $0 

Wednesday, October 5

Slept so much
I still: 
posted a reel 
posted a tiktok
posted 2 stories on IG/FB
time: 1.5hr
Sales: $0

Thursday, October 6
I felt a little better today and focused on a lot of other aspects of my life.
Like preparing this blog post ;) 
For baby bird, I still managed to make a list of products I could launch Friday without big notice, Prep them along with two emails, a text message, a reel and a post + 5 stories
Total time: 4hr
Sales: $0

Friday, October 7
Still so much sleeping! 
I woke up just in time to prep another email, 
Send out a segmented text 
make 3 posts on FB
5 IG stories
A reel
and I answered three emails. 
Time: 3.5hr
Sales: $43.50 

Saturday, October8

I felt better so I was able to ship a few orders safely. 
I drafted 5 reels + saved them over on TT as well 
6 IG stories about upcoming items
re-sent yesterday's email and made a FB post
Spent 30min on Pinterest pinning "sustainable small shop items" including some of my own
Pinned all of my orange solid items onto my Fall Toddler OOTD board
Uploaded an item to faire
Sent a faire email
Time: 3.5
Sales: $0

This might be the least amount of hours I've given baby bird in a LONG time. I was sick so that's a huge factor. I am hoping this shift will look a lot different in the weeks to come... 

My total time this week: 37.5hrs
Total sales this week: $43.50

This math ain't mathin'.... 


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