Week Six: navigating a failing business

I'm gonna be honest with you- This week was an entire blur. 
I got diagnosed with THREE Auto Immune diseases, placed on multiple medications that have serious side effects and MAN did they knock me out! 

Sunday, November 6
I'm focusing today on just getting computer work done. I sewed for two hours and stopped myself after that. I can cut more tomorrow, but today I sit and plan some shit out! So then I can focus at the sewing desk better. 
I got 11 tiktoks and reels drafted, 4 posts that'll go to IG and FB and scheduled something every day in my VIP. I also went through and pinned all my new(ish) items and repinned onto boards. I wanted to look into TailWind (I was very against it for so long) but didn't have time. I needed to get meds refilled, bed sheets changed, kids laundry, etc. I only have so much energy and I am foolishly using most of it on this dying business. 

Monday, November 7
I had physical therapy (as I do every Monday for right now) and our weather got a lot colder. I find myself barely being able to move. Bad day to decide it's an all day cut day. 
Gotta push through... 
Went to the podiatrist and was given the most painful cortisone shot and told I'll likely be facing a really gruesome surgery next year that'll leave me immobile for almost 4 months. Do I catch a break at some point in this season? Writers, give me a live, laugh, love episode- please!!! 
(I messed up with my week. Today was actually the day I dropped the $5 wand sales) 

Tuesday, November 8
Today was the day. I sewed an hour this morning, then rushed around to make sure Kaleb got to school and zoomed off to a dr appointment. There, I was told I have not one, not two but THREE auto immune diseases. I've had them for quite some time, and I know that, but KNOWING that I have them, knowing the medication and therapy ahead of me and knowing how hard I am trying at everything just hit me. I sat in the doctor's parking lot for over an hour. Then I got myself Starbucks (that I couldn't afford) came home and took a shower (no time for a bath) and put clothes on and started prepping dinner. Then I sat for hours sewing mindlessly as I watched The Crown. I can't process all of this. Including so many home life things that I can't even share. I have known low depths of despair. This is the lowest I've ever felt. Right now. 

I did whip up a pair of bloomers and added tulle to drop today- the photos went well and easy, and they are freaking adorable! I added other shops in my photos, so we'll see if it helps them, if they share and appreciate. Who knows. I'm just trying everything at this point. 
I've made over 100 wands at this point and not all were great. So I had the bright idea to sell the "samples" for $5. It's going well- but how the HELL do I ship these things? They're sticking out of even my 12x9 polymailers! 

Wednesday, November 9
Today is my only day where I have absolutely no appointments. I just had to get Kaleb off to school and get right down to work. I don't think I looked up to even eat lunch because I was sewing as fast as I could. I am sending out a few collabs and OOF! I can only hope it yields ANYTHING at all. I am so defeated this week. 
$0.00 (back to no sales) 

Thursday, November 10
Physical therapy day-which means we are rushing out the door so I can get there on time. Why did I schedule it at 8am?! Oh, that's right. Because I have three businesses to run and I need to get my health shit in a box as much as possible. Kaleb has a performance tonight that he doesn't want to go to- and honestly, I'm glad. My body isn't even prepared to put on normal clothes or be around people. I don't want them asking any questions about life, health, business-anything. 
I'm using all day to prep this holiday drop. Got to finish these stupid wands, the only silver lining is the drop has been done for weeks and the collabs went amazing, so good content scheduled and ready to go. 

Friday, November 11
Okay- today's the day. I am going to keep busy by sewing some orders that were lingering (very few) and being present on stories when I can muster up a smile. I don't even want to talk to anyone today. Even f the shop has had some steady sales with these dirt cheap accessories, I just am still hurt about no one loving all the new pieces. When you hand make items, you take so much pride in the work that when no one appreciates it, it stings on several different levels. Like the 7 layer dip of artist disappointment. 

Saturday, November 12
 I woke up early and started sewing a few items. I am a little behind on production of the one item that sold really well. I am sort of dreading it because it involves triple the pieces I am used to attaching to items. So many ruffles and handmade straps (I am so used to using spaghetti to cut labor costs) 
I'm just going to power through and get at least 4 done. They take about an hour and a half each. I wanted to get to loading the wands and bows on Faire/Abound/Tundra and Etsy. I even opened up Etsy but then got overwhelmed. 
I did come back and import to Faire. If I have to upload myself item by item, it's just not worth my time right now. I need my energy going to keeping myself alive and finding happy moments. I feel like I am drowning.


Total time: 59.5hrs
Total Sales: $477.28
(woo I broke back into above minimum wage*In TX*) 

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