Week Ten: navigating a failing business

 The next few weeks are going to be boring because I really don't have much planned besides prepping for semi-annual sale and strategizing for next year + pre-orders possibly. 


Sunday, December 4
I'm just resending marketing stuff today and spending time sewing up the last few holiday orders. 
Trying to take my time and take many breaks. Walking around the house, going into Kaleb's room and hanging out with him. Usually, I'd rush and sew for hours and hours without stopping to eat, drink or move my body at all. 

Slow, slow progress. I am so thankful Friday's drop has brought me the tiniest sense of relief that's allowing me to be gentle with myself.


Monday, December 5
This week is going to be insane personally for me. It's the "Winter Wonderland" week at our school and I've volunteered across the board. Set up, creating the template for Santa photos and the entire wonderland shop. I am so proud that I've sourced SIX small shops to stock at the shop! I've got physical therapy this morning, lab work, then back to hustle out a few orders and photograph BHUB sticker listings. 


Tuesday, December 6
I spent the first half of my day at the school and my son got SECOND PLACE in the spelling bee!!! 

I'm going to try and drop some solid bows sometime this week. Our best seller at our NYE drop was actually the bows- something I've never sold before. SURPRISE! 
I'm still sewing more slowly, and I've moved my office in my room, so I turn the big screen on and enjoy a show while I'm working. It's helping my mood so much! 
I also took a tiny portion of my sales and invested in 500 thank you post cards, 100 bow postcards and some more labels and clear bags. 
It sounds silly, but when sales are this low you can't even keep supplies stocked so this felt like a big win! 

Wednesday, December 7
I was supposed to have a neurology appointment today but woke up to the Dr cancelling on me. That's a new one. Guess it gives more time to sew a few orders and spend more time at Kaleb's school! 
I got a few bows done today and listed on the site. None of them have sold yet so I guess the key is dramatic bows. 
Sent an email and stayed active in my stories. 
I also never mention, but I draft at least 8-10 tiktoks/reels at a time, so each day there is a video being posted on all platforms, including pushing it to Pinterest as an idea pin. 

Thursday, December 8
It's another PT morning. I am starting to hate Mondays and Thursdays just because it's getting cold and that's an early start. I'm not able to really do much for the business today. As soon as I'm out of PT I am heading home, loading up the car and then headed to the school. I put in 9 hours yesterday and am feeling it. It's looking like 13-14 hours today. These kids better know how loved they are. HAHA. 
I will still be posting to stories throughout the day and shouting out the few shops that'll be in the wonderland tonight. 

Friday, December 9
It's a slow morning. I slept through my alarm and thankfully there was another adult in better health to get the kids off to school. I am going to move very slowly today. I'm unable to take any anti-inflammatories due to a procedure coming up next week, so trying to hustle today is out of the question. I am going to send an email about the bows and sew a few things. 
I'm also using my "close friends" feature today to shoot out polls to the ladies I collab with regularly to see who all is available for VDAY collabs for January drops. Dropping my very last batch of holiday orders! Now time to cut NYE and get on that. 


Saturday, December 10
I am still so sore, but it's hustle time. I'm cutting the rest of the NYE sold, taking it off the site and resending all the campaigns from yesterday, recording the answers from yesterday's poll and drafting reels and tiktoks for the rest of the week. I got a random sale for NYE stuff so I am glad I was slow taking that down. Now let me go cut a few more items ;) 


Total Hours- 30hrs
Total Sales- $211.14

$7.03/hr (back below minimum wage) 

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