Week Thirteen: navigating a failing business

So this is it... 

Sunday, December 25
Christmas Day! 
Merry Christmas, ya'll! We let Kaleb open his last few presents we held back and he's asked me to bake with him, so I'm going to find a way to make it into the kitchen safely and let him make a mess! 
I am in so much pain, and I knew it wouldn't be an easy surgery but OMG! 
I posted TWO stories and that's it! 
Between that and writing here, I feel like I actually had a day off! 

Monday, December 26
It's time to post those collab stories again! + I am all out of drafted content so I am spending all day pulling from any old content I have and meshing with new stuff to make as many reels and posts as I can possibly draft to get me through the first week of 2023, so I can sit around and heal a little longer. 

Tuesday, December 27
I may have lost my mind. Today, I decided I was feeling a little better and decided to let people grab NYE one more time. Clearly it won't be there to them in time, but the collection was so well received that I couldn't turn down the four people begging me to order for their daughters' birthdays! I also got my first dressing change and post-op X-rays.... I actually expected my foot to look worse. Wanna see it? Just slide in my DM's hahah. While it looked better than I expected, clearly his nurses aren't used to seeing my kind of surgery. They were all in shock that there were four incisions and they were as big and bruised and bloody as they were. Ok, that's enough foot talk. 

Wednesday, December 28
Today I am sneaking away to the doctor for a weird lump I felt in my throat. I try so much to ignore a lot of health things because, let's face it, I am genetically prone  to have a lot of ailments, and it gets exhausting. However, when your big sister fights for her life through a rare throat cancer, you make the doctor check every little lump or swollen lymph node for the rest of your days. 
Pair that with developing the blogs (finally) and drafting posts for my VIP page, it was a busy day. 

Thursday, December 29
I was able to list all of my collection for tomorrow, hide NYE stuff, send two emails and a text, and draft all the info for tomorrow's marketing and change the website around. It feels good to be releasing something new, but now I am realizing I am behind on January samples. I guess I'll be finding a way to sew this weekend. Time to get creative with propping my left leg on things. 

Friday, December 30
It's drop day!!! 

Saturday, December 31


How poetic, the week ends on the last day of the year. 
I'm not even ready to summarize this so let me see 2023 and I promise I'll share my thoughts. Until then... 

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