Week Three: navigating a failing business

Another glorious week...

Sunday, October 16
I faced the music that even when I make over the top adorable and one of a kind pieces, if I'm a day late, I will be a dollar short. I decided this week, I'd cut my losses and make however many pennies I could off of that stunt. 


Monday, October 17
I've got some wiggle room this week because my Friday drop has been prepped for weeks now with more video content than I care to admit. 
I'm awaiting the "Shopify Collabs" thing to pan out. I sent the Friday pieces to one of the first to apply. Let's see if she follows through. 

Tuesday, October 18
I capitalized on this day to make sure that I drafted all the content I bragged about. The thing I suck at most right now is managing multiple platforms. I'm usually a QUEEN at such a thing, but lately, FREE TIME is money to me. So I drafted 7 tiktoks and about 13 Instagram reels. In my mind, I know that spending more time on TikTok and Facebook (especially my group) would probably reap more benefits, but my heart won't let Instagram go. She was my #1. 

What is wrong with me!? 

Wednesday, October 19
I really did the minimum today. Like, I hit "post" on a few drafted reels and sent an e-mail on Faire. I was semi-active in my stories and really, that's it! 

Thursday, October 20
I'm busy planning what's up ahead, because clearly I'm even further behind in collections/holidays than I have ever been before. I'm also realizing I am so far gone when it comes to the trends. All the pink everywhere!!! 


Friday, October 21
It's drop day. I'll let ya'll take a guess if Shopify Collab lady sent any content whatsoever about the item we dropped today. 


Saturday, October 22
I shipped some stuff and re-sent all of yesterday's marketing to those pesky "non-openers" 
It didn't help.... 


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