Week Twelve: navigating a failing business

Sunday, December 18
This day drug on. I tried organizing the collabs that I want to work with in January, but I am relying on posting in my "close friends" stories on IG and it seems some of these ladies have a life and don't log on IG every single day. MUST BE NICE! So I'm going to have to post a second time and hope I catch more flies with... more IG stories. 
I'm doing a lot of research on moving Baby Bird and BHUB blogs onto a self hosted platform so I can monetize. I'm gaining a strategy on what to blog about for Baby Bird and featuring moms. 
I hope all these small ideas turn into more steady income for 2023. 
I was left with 8 extra NYE bows when the dust settled, so I am listing them this week. 


Monday, December 19
I woke up early, headed to PT and got a few emails sent. That's about it because my personal schedule took over. So here I am tonight, squeezing in drafting reels and posts as far as my little fingers will let me. 


Tuesday, December 20
S*** is getting real! I have surgery TOMORROW! So I'm spending all day sewing up samples, shipping everything and cleaning the office like there's no tomorrow, because.... 
Ya, today sucked and makes me wish it was time to put on  the sleepy mask already. 


Wednesday, December 21
I had my surgery today but still managed to show up in stories because I'm a workaholic. 

Thursday, December 22
Ohhh my goodness. I didn't even make it out of bed. This surgery was no joke! I feel like someone ripped my calf in half (they did!) 
I'm not even feeling guilty about just letting scheduled stories hit today and pressing publish on a reel. 

Friday, December 23
It hurts even worse today. How!?!?! I am respecting my body and staying in bed. I've brought the laptop to me, but I'm only doing minor things like cleaning up listings, keeping up with this blog, and answering DMs. 

Saturday, December 24
It's Christmas Eve, which in our (blended) family is CHRISTMAS. 
I did post a few stories from the comfort of my heated recliner while my entire bottom half of my left appendage was being iced. 
I'm going to soak up today and not feel bad that I couldn't work. 


Total Hrs- 24.5
Total Sales- $192.94


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