Week Two: Navigating a failing business


You know the drill.

Let's see how Dorie spent her time this week...


Sunday, October 9
Lucky me! I made some freebies for a drop this coming week and cut two pieces. 
I kept up with stories today off and on but that was really it. I didn't post a thing otherwise! It felt really nice to have a Sunday "off". 

Time: 1.5hr 
Sales: $ 52.50

Monday, October 10

Today was really, truly day one of Q4 for me. 
I am finally on the good side of "C" and feeling so much better. 
I don't know why I do this, but even when I miss work being sick, I tell myself I have to work longer and harder the following week. I'm going to do my very best to avoid that this week, but I know today it isn't going to happen. I am going to punish myself today so the rest of the week can be a bit more balanced. 
I have several disabilities/chronic illnesses, and I had to move two appointments last week to this week. I know it's going to be a busy week of health stuff, So I know today's my day to grind hard or miss out. 
Let's see if it actually helps bring in sales or just keeps me spinning my wheels. 

Tuesday, October 11
I'm gonna be honest yall, this was the day I realized even keeping up with specific tasks for this blog was more work to BBB then it needed to be PHEW! 
I sewed 9 things for my drop this week and sent an email, fb post and two reels and a tiktok 
6.5 hrs

Wednesday, October 12
I kept sewing to get through the Halloween drop I was hellbent on 
I also got in some heat transfers to try out. There went an hour detour 
I resent email from yesterday and was active in my stories and VIP today.. 

Thursday, October 13
Crunch time! 
I had to finish the last of the collection I'm dropping tomorrow 
I pinned all the photos with links to the new collection and prepped all the marketing for tomorrow (two emails, two segmented texts, stories, two reels, a post on fb and IG a tiktok and TikTok stories + all the product photos.
Then I did something insane and cut two more pieces to add to the collection


Friday, October 14
I woke up and immediately started sewing. It took 4 hours somehow.
Thank goodness marketing was done yesterday Now time to photograph these last pieces then a few shots and videos of the entire rack- I decided to go live since I moved my drop time from 10AM to 6PM 
I went live on IG at 5PM for about 20min and live in my group for about 15min before the drop hoping it would help. Also @everyone isn't helping anymore- I give up! 

Saturday, October 15
2 items.
All that love, sweat, tears, creativity and I sold TWO ITEMS (and at a discount!)
I literally barely showed up to stories today, posted a reel and resent the email. I'm exhausted. I packed a few orders and cried today! 

Total- 34.5hrs


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