Wholesale hack

Okay. Let’s have a talk.

A LOT of us are struggling on the retail side right now.
Inflation, pandemic, etc.
Wholesale is the ONLY reason baby bird hasn’t shut down yet!

Between Faire and my own hustling, I’m pulling in similar numbers as my retail side gave me.

If you’re interested in getting into wholesale- I highly suggest:

1.) starting with a small list of your own.
Don’t know how to find your own wholesale accounts? Time for some good old fashion hustling. Grab 📝 for this one.

Go search #boutique #shop etc on Instagram. If they’ve got an email listed and they sell products like yours, write them down.
Stick them on a cold email list. Now isn’t the time for nerves. It’s the time for hustle.

Make the email approachable. Brand your colors, make a graphic that’s clear with what you offer. I’m talking your BEST picture you’ve got.
If you’re on a platform like Faire, Abound, etc, make buttons so they can purchase from you there as well as emailing you directly for invoicing.
*once they shop from you on those platforms, you can prove you’ve approached them outside of Faire and won’t be charged the big commission*

2.) MARGINS! I’ve got a blog about it, but essentially- take what it cost you and x2 that’s your wholesale price. Wholesale price too $$$ compared to other products like it on the market?
A.) justify it by being premium and building the brand name or
B.) take that product off your wholesale offering.

3.) Market correctly. I am a seller and buyer on Faire and I ONLY shop with sellers who have branded photos. I’m talking the utmost consistency. Sell socks but 5 pics are on a kid and 5 are on a white board and 5 are in a basket? I’m looking for someone else. I’m looking for the socks laid flat on an off white branded layout. 🤷🏼‍♀️

4.) Advertise yourself. Make a wholesale Facebook group. Answer ISO in groups like this (and. Fb groups LOOKING for handmade wholesale) the more you advertise yourself, the more you’ll be discovered. This part is the hardest part for some- but it’s gotta be done. Just set a day on the week and say every Tuesday for one hour I’m going to visit fb groups and answer ISO posts. Have your link and a good graphic/product photo ready to go!

5.) Make reels/TikToks when you’re making and shipping wholesale orders. It’ll get the attention of other boutiques.

6.) Create a quick postcard (Vistaprint works)  that entices them to continue shopping with you. Give it that handmade touch you know all too well.

7.) Wash-Rinse-Repeat.
Stay consistent. Got overstock? List it- but be sure to retake product photos to keep consistency. Make sure to show every that Tuesday for ISO posts. That 1st of the month looking for more emails to cold approach!

8.) make a workflow for those cold emails you’ve got.
See mine here. 
*Don't have time to do this?
I’ll find emails for you! 
I can set up workflows for you to ensure you land new accounts! 
Click Here! 

If you’re struggling like so many others in here, wholesale isn’t the “bad move because it’s 50% less then retail”.

If you’re doing it right, you’re getting re-orders and establishing true connections with people who will stock you for years to come and keep reliable income coming to your business!

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