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We interviewed Ruth Rau with her new passion, The Inner Joy Project.

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I believe that each of us was made for a specific purpose.  No one else lived your life, shared your experiences, thought your thoughts in quite the same way that you do.  There is something unique and beautiful inside of you that the world needs you to share. 


It is difficult to make the space in our lives to find that purpose, isn't it?  To put a name to it, to really dig in deep and nourish it.  Believe me, I know.  I started my handmade business making scarves and jewelry.  At my very first craft show, like most first timers, I had EVERYTHING on display.  If I could make it, I was trying to sell it.  And that included one of the toys I had made for my kids.  At that little craft show in that local church, I had more conversations about because of that one toy than I had about all of the other items I had in that booth put together. 


I went home and thought about it…. A lot.


And then, I decided to take a deep breath and just…. jump.  I love toys.  I love play.  I love sewing things and designing things and thinking about how children might use them.  But more than all of that, I love joy.  Deep seated satisfaction in who you are as a human being breathing air JOY.  Children understand that kind of joy.  And as I designed my first line of toys centered around screen-free imaginative play, I started to understand it too.  I was made to spread joy.  Not happiness (which is fleeting and often tied to ice cream… just saying), but bone deep, unaffected by the disappointments or elations of life, filled to the brim with contentment and wisdom and a childlike wonder at how cool it is that you get to experience it JOY.


My life’s purpose is to spread that joy and to help other people see it and recognize it and experience it too. That's why I founded The Inner Joy Project.  To help people see their inner joy and bring it up to see the light of day. 


What is your purpose in your business?  In your life?  What lights you up and makes you come alive?  Let me help you draw it out. Your “why” is there, inside of you, waiting for you to put your finger on it and give it a name.  You were made for so much more than just surviving.  Are you ready to dive in?  Let’s figure it out together.



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