Behind The Lens

Behind The Lens

I'm Dorie Kirk!

It all started in 2011. 
I lost my sweet baby boy, Kale Evan. My husband came home with a sewing machine my friend was selling. I used it while rubbing my belly for the life blessing us again. From the hobby that curbed my anxiety came The Baby Bird Boutique
I know, this is about photography, not baby clothes. I'm getting there- hold your horses! 

I struggled making my products look good and decided I was going to just learn how to do it myself. The control freak in me went out and grabbed the first DSLR I could find. Then I noticed I was using it more on that beautiful blessing then I was on my own products. Then before I knew it I was carrying it around everywhere. I found myself picking up the camera when I made new friends or met people in public that looked like they had a story to tell. 

Then the real fun happened. My friend whined about wanting a coven shoot for her birthday. I'm not one to let down a friend, so off I went with my little camera and five women dressed as witches into the woods. It was so much fun! 

From that moment on, I did my best to research how best to serve more clients, and played as much as I could behind my lens to bring you the best. 

I grew up rough right here in Fort Worth. LVT, to be exact. Because of my... sturdy upbringing, my favorite thing to do is capture you in your real moments. If you insist, I'll get you all lined up and ask you to smile- but I'll hate every second of it. 

Let me turn on some music, ask a few questions and do my thing. You'll either feel like you're on the best date/outing of your life- or you'll at least feel like one of your oldest friends is joining you with a lens in your face. 

That's my promise to you!