Baby bird of the week- Audrey Miah

Baby bird of the week- Audrey Miah

This week, we are catching up with Jessica and Audrey. Be sure to check them out TODAY (8/29) on our Instagram as they take over! 


We asked Jess what her favorite thing about our brand was and here is what she wanted to share with you: 

Shopping Small has always been important to me but definitely getting to know the owner behind the brand and their story behind why they do what they do takes it to another level. It feels like family. Having affordable pieces that last + easy to get on & off + short TAT in the small shop world = huge bonus. 


When asked about her favorite piece, she didn't skip a beat: 

❤️Fave piece we own would be our rust dress which we had made into a pillow doll to match Audrey. 😍It is still her favorite doll she owns.

This week, we will launch a 32 piece Dorie Drop (exclusive one of a kind + limited edition drops Dorie designs solo). Jessica is a sucker for Dorie drops: 


Love the Dorie drops and the fact that I can have a truly OOAK piece that only a few other babies have. It makes it sooooo special. Those pieces are keepers and go in our forever box.



Catch the Dorie Drop on Friday. Here is a sneak peek: 


And be sure to check out our stories to see Jessica & Audrey takeover. + Be on the lookout for the AudreyMiah namesake. Hint: it's a knockout pale pink gothic design coming in September. 

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  • Madeline Lugo

    I love that everwhere we go with Audrey she gets so many compliments on her outfits, they are unique and she is the attention grabber everywhere we go.

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