Baby Bird of the week- Monroe

Baby Bird of the week- Monroe

Meet our baby bird of the week, Monroe.


She has been with our team since late 2016. Any chance we ever get to head south, we make sure to let Shae (her mom) know, & meet up to pig out on some delicious Big Lou's Pizza.


Monroe & Shae have been with us so long, we are going to let photos tell the story: 


It all stated here. In 2015, someone told Shae about The Baby Bird Boutique after having her third child, Monroe. The rest- as they say- is history! 

Oh my baby cheeks! 

And so we began to watch her grow- getting more & more adorable in baby bird as she did. 

It didn't take much time for us to notice her mom's killer style & her amazing love for the camera. Above was the first time she was featured in a line shoot & found herself on our website & catalog. 

Could she be any cuter? No way!!! We could never explain her personality- it can only be shown, & we are so thankful her mom captures it all! 

They even represented our sister company, Baby Bird Tee Co!

(I mean, check out that coppertone magic)

Her lifestyle is everything we want Baby Bird to represent: comfortable in your own little baby bird skin, bold, yet soft and delicate all at the same time- Truly living your best life every single day. 

*Left 2017- Right 2018*

We couldn't not show you side-by-side's of a few pieces that have lasted her years

*Left- 2018 - Right 2017* 


She loves the outdoors and babies, and we love her to pieces.

Her namesake drops FRIDAY, and be sure to check out their Instagram takeover


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  • Susan Barnes

    What a beautiful inspiring story. Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!

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