Cater to you!

Throughout BBB's 4 years in business, we have listened to the customer each step of the way. It was brought to our attention that the color of our unique straps means a great deal more to you than we believed. 


Because of this, we are radically changing the way we do business all together. Starting June 1, 2018, all solids will be READY TO SHIP! This means our entire site will switch over to ready to ship items. The only downside being we will no longer offer Jumpers all the time, nor will we offer all 23 colors at all times. 

We Will limit our colors to a seasonally appropriate line-up. 


Stock up on solids and jumpers while you can. The way you shop will change, and while some might see this as a downside, we know in the end you will appreciate knowing exactly what you're getting every time, and the same lightning fast service we have given you with our prints.  

We look forward to providing this for our customers and cannot wait to see your sweet babies rocking their baby bird threads for years to come! 



Mama Bird

Dorie Kirk

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