Grow With Us - Baby Bird Size Comparison

Grow With Us - Baby Bird Size Comparison

We know all too well that our baby birds grow quickly. Dorie keeps that at the forefront of her designs and has incorporated adjustments with all of our products. We recently reached out to a few mommas and asked how they've grown with The Baby Bird Boutique!

Check out what they had to say!


Meet Baby Bird Letty 

Momma Mandy: 

Our favorite part of Baby Bird is that it's comfortable and grows with your kid. You don't have to swap out sizes every few months like with most brands. We also love Dorie and everything that the Baby Bird Boutique and #doitforkale stand for.

I'm not the kind of mom that expects my kid to be "careful" with certain clothes - so Baby Bird is perfect for us. I use spot treatment as needed, wash it on cool, and hang dry. It's worked perfect for us for the past year. These fabrics are very kid friendly.

Our longest piece is a Small Peplum and it's still in perfect condition a year later. Last year it fit more like a dress, and this year it's more like a shirt on my long legged girl.


Meet Baby Bird Rory

Momma Stacy:


Our favorite part about Baby Bird is Dorie and all the cups she fills even when hers is low.

We ensure our Baby Bird lasts by hand washing with gentle dye free detergent and laying them flat to dry!

One of our very first pieces was a Medium Rust Peplum in the Fall of 2018, and its still one of our all time favorites and most worn!

Rory's hit a few growth spurts so it went from being an oversized peplum (mini dress, almost), to fitting just at her waist now!



Meet Baby Birds Amaya & Mia

Momma Alicia:

My favorite part about Baby Bird Boutique is the design, which allows for extended wear! The elastic back and adjustable straps? Yes please!

I wash our Baby Bird Boutique separately and hang dry! Depending on the piece (like peplums), I may size up. Since the straps are adjustable, you can tie them up higher for a better fit!

I have every Baby Bird Boutique piece and the first one I purchased was a flamingo romper when Amaya was around 6 months old (she just turned 5). Mia has even worn that piece!


Dorie takes extreme pride in her precision with detail and thinks it's paramount for all babies and young children to be as comfortable as possible. She has perfected the average romper and dress to not only be comfortable and easy for changes, but to also be practical and grow with your child as much as possible.

If you have any sizing questions, please check out our sizing or FAQ page.

We love seeing our baby birds grow!

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