Halloween Costumes- 2019

Halloween Costumes- 2019

The Baby Bird Boutique ensures that comfort is paramount. It's only natural that our customers who get accustom to the relaxed fit would decide they cannot settle for a cheap, uncomfortable store bought costume. These brilliant moms have come up with some creative costumes this season.


1.) Wizard of Oz

2.) Lion

Dorothy + Her sidekicks! 
Check out this DIY post or grab our cream romper here 

3.) Minnie Mouse 

4.) Alice 

Add some ribbon (hot glue the white onto a long piece of black, add a heart and Viola!) Grab your blue dress here. 

5.) Jessie 


Add a tutu and a cape! How fun is this? Grab your red romper here. 

7.) Madeline 
Your favorite little orphan with all of her elegance. Have fun mixing up colors and accessories. Grab your navy dress or peplum here. 

8.) Mermaid

What little girl doesn't want to be a mermaid


9.) Frozen

Let it go with a beautiful baby blue solid and a little bit of magic. 


10.) 10 points to Gryffindor 
Use your mustard and maroon (or blue, yellow, black, green depending on where the sorting hat has placed you) to channel your favorite wizards. 

11.) Hello Little Girl

become little red with our red gingham set. 

12.) Cinderella 
Add a choker, bun and headband! That's it! 


13.) Witch 
There are too many varieties to choose a favorite. Make it your own. 

14.) Tinkerbelle 
This one is too much fun! 

15.) Rey 
Star Wars lovers unite! Grab your cream romper and add a belt and some ponytails. 

16.) Raggedy Ann

Check out the tutorial here. Grab your romper here. 

17.) Where the wild things are Monster

Yes!  A little yarn and a black romper! 

18.) Mummy

Just wrap your babe with a cream romper and some sports tape. Ta-da! 

19.) Cat

This one is so fun and easy, you may want an entire litter! 

20.) Pebbles

Some creative mama slapped triangles on her romper and made an adorable bone bow. 

21.) Baby Doll

You can really go wild with this costume. 

This mama used a cream dress and an adorable bonnet. 

22.) Ballerina

23.) Bunny

All this takes is a romper and some floppy ears. You know what makes it better? A cute little cotton tail. 

24.) Blippi

25.) Butterfly or LadyBug

Add some wings and cute face paint. Any color romper works for this one. 


This one is too cute for words, just take a look.. 

27.)Dancing Queen- Flower Child

28.)Dwight K. Shrute

Fact: This is the best Office costume you've ever seen. 


If you want to be inspired by the infamous Felicia check this


32.)Super Mario Bros. 
Let big brother have a win this year and opt for a video game theme


34.)Distinguished Lady 


Nail this beautiful bird. 



Make the magic happen here. 

38.)Glinda The Good Witch 



You've got a friend in this costume. 



43.) Incredibles



Which one is your favorite? 

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    It’s hard to pick an absolute fave— they are all so great!

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