Halloween Costumes - 2020

Halloween Costumes - 2020

The Baby Bird Boutique continues to ensure that comfort is top priority. It's only natural that our customers who get accustom to the relaxed fit would decide they cannot settle for a cheap, uncomfortable, store bought costume.

Every year, these brilliant moms come up with some creative costumes. What does this season look like?

1. Cowboy


Just pair one of our Kole rompers with some cowboy boots and a hat! Grab your wooden horse and "Yeehaw"!!!

2. Rainbow bright

Grab a big red bow and your romper of many colors!

3. Flower Child

Peace out with a headband, some flowers, and your Peplum!

4. Alice in Wonderland

This mom stuck a cute lace apron over her baby blue halter dress and added some tights, black ballet slippers and a black headband! Viola! 

5. Riddler

Pair up your Riddler accessories with a Green Romper!

6. Superhero

Toss a cape over your baby bird! 

7. Witch


8. Butterfly

How about a Plum Peplum paired with some beautiful butterfly wings?

9. Cheech

Tuck that mustard peplum inside some bottoms. Add suspenders and a beanie! No smoke necessary 😘

10. Ladybug


11. Snow White

How cute is this Kole paired with the biggest bow and fluffiest tutu?!

12. Mario Brothers


13. Lion

The cutest lion cub you've ever seen! This momma used space buns as ears, painted a little nose, and paired with a tan Kole Romper!

14. Monster's Inc.

15. Cat

16. Reindeer

I spy Rudolph in all his red-nosed glory! Find your cream bloomers here!

17. Clown



18. Skeleton


19. Rockstar

Who's ready to rock? This baby bird added pink extensions, some sneakers, and a hot pink guitar with her dress!

20. Firefighter

We can't wait to see what all the baby birds come up with this year! Which one is your favorite?


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