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Layering: transitioning to winter

There is a strange assumption that once the temperature cools down, you pack away your rompers, peplums and halter dresses. 

We've got the best tips to ensuring those pieces get a second life during the winter by easily layering pieces and continuing to be the most comfortable wardrobe around. 
Thanks to all six real life moms who contributed to this blog with their personal spin on styling their baby birds for winter. 

Meet the moms + babes behind this blog: 

Stacy + Rory ( Raising_RoryMae
Kierstan + Addison ( Mommabear41218 )
Bailee + Brynlee ( BrynleeClaire_h

Megan, Gwen + Ocean ( Gwen.and.Ocean

Chelsea + Emma ( Raising.EmmaIrene
Ashley + Hazel ( TempleOfHazel

We interviewed these six moms for the best ways to layer. Check it out. Let us know what you think, discover new shops, new pieces, new style or even a new friend! 


What is your favorite way to layer your baby bird pieces?


"Our go to is throwing a leo under or cardigan on top for some extra warmth and style! Pair with some tights and bummies to mix and match all winter long!" 

"I love layering BBB with tights, long sleeves/sweaters under rompers, and cardigans! "

"Emma is the definition of a BBB romper queen. We have many print rompers that we love to layer with a variety of solid color collared shirts, cardigans, and tights." 

"Since we live in southern California we don't face extreme weather changes so for our looks we throw a long sleeve shirt or leotard under the peplums and then we put tights under our bloomers or and rompers also for the rompers I usually pair them with some cute bubble shorts. To complete the look we pair cute boots and jacket and top it off with a cute headwrap." 

"I like to throw a sweater and some tights/leggings/knee highs on her and then throw a peplum or romper on top of it. It keeps her warm but she always looks all dressed up." 


"Our favorite way to layer BBB is under chunky or off the shoulder sweaters! We also love to style BBB over our leos." 

What other pieces help turn BBB into a warmer wardrobe?

"Long sleeve shirts or leotards, oversized sweaters, button up blouses and cover with some type of jacket that compliments the look." 

"Undershirts or onesies are a must, or even a leo. Then sweaters, tights, leg warmers, knee highs, also the bloomers or kimonos from BBB. I like to to lawyer with other BBB items cause it pulls the outfit together." 

"Leos, plain tees, kimonos, cardigans, tights, knee highs, bummies all keep us warm while adding extra comfort to our BBB!" 

"Chunky sweaters ALWAYS! Cardigans and Dusters are fun to warm up our BBB as well! We’ve even thrown our denim jacket on top before!" 

"There are so many ways to make BBB winter ready but a few of our favorites are long sleeve tops, cardigans, tights, and knee-highs."

" To stay warm, I like to layer a long sleeve shirt with a cardigan.You can also wear a BBB romper as bloomers by simply layering a long sleeve sweatshirt on top of the romper. Tights or leggings are perfect for layering. Pair the outfit with boots and you're set!

What is your favorite brand/shop to pair with BBB?

"I honestly get a lot of my layering stuff or accessories from local thrift shops or stores, I find a lot of great stuff. But I do consistently BBB with bows from Hope and Grace and leggings, tutus, and shirts that I make for my own small business Kiki’s Creations."

" I love pairing BBB with Chasing Butterflies Co.

" Bitter Glitter Llama has the cutest sweaters to pair with BBB. Bitty Bee Co makes the best long sleeve leos to pair under all of our rompers and peplums as well!" 

Lovey Grace Shop is our go to for cardigans! (15EMMA to save). They are perfect all year round. We also get different styles of long sleeve shirts at Zara. " 

"Little Lopers for headwraps and bows and lita bummies/leggings
Check out other bummies and leotards from MCM Baby Boutique
We usually find shoes and tights at our local walmart." 

"More BBB! Velvet knots from Be Bows add style and keep our ears warm with a nice touch. This mesh top from Pip Squeak Boutique Theads has been on of our go to this season, along with these mesh heart tights from Sunflowers and Skulls Shop. Turtle necks and slouchy sweaters are another favorite of ours from KRZA 
How do you ensure your baby bird is still comfortable with layers?

"To ensure Emma stays comfortable with layers, I like to layer with stretch knit fabrics. This way she is warm and can be a wild and free toddler." 


"Making sure our adjustable straps are tied according to the outfit choice! We even size up to give us a more roomy fit with layers."

"My daughter is very vocal about how she feels so I only layer til comfort is reached and how the weather will be for the day. so for layering BBB here in California it will most likely be a long sleeve shirt or leotard and possibly a light weight jacket." 

" Our baby bird is already super comfortable and allows for a huge range of movements, we actually wear it to the trampoline park because it moves so easily. Make sure soft breathable layers are paired with it to keep the full range of movement and comfort. Anything form fitting allows for extra movement and anything oversized (slouchy sweaters) keeps the warmth.

"If I’m planning on buying rompers for winter I typically size up so I can add those chunky layers underneath without it getting too tight or bulky. I always try and choose soft and stretchy pieces to go underneath to help with comfort."

"First off, I like to put things under my BBB instead of over, so you can see the piece, so I always size up for winter pieces so they have plenty of room for it. I also order some basic tights and undershirts so they are nice and soft against their skin, then out the fancier looking stuff on that may be a little bit more irritable on their skin. " 

What is your favorite thing about layering your baby bird products? 

" It took me a while to order BBB because I loved the look, but I live in Ohio and the weather is super unpredictable and sometimes even in summer or spring/fall warmer clothes are required. So I checked out the blog on layering and have been obsessed ever since!" 

"my favorite thing about layering BBB here in southern California around this time of year is we can start the day with a long sleeve underneath and a possible jacket and as it warms up we can take the warmer under layers off." 

So now you know baby bird pieces can be utilized year round. Maybe you have an outfit in mind, or a new shop you want to check out. Let us know what made you most excited, or perhaps, something you also do with your products in the comments below. 

We cannot wait to see all of your baby birds snug as a bug in a rug. 


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