Celebrate- This is 30!

Celebrate- This is 30!

May 29 is such a special day in Baby Bird history. Owner, Dorie Kirk entered the world this day 30 years ago!!!! We are celebrating BIG!!!


Lauren Paints had some things to say about our owner, Dorie Kirk. 

Check it out here. 

"She's not afraid of pattern mixing and doing things others wouldn't dream of, think of "Carrie Bradshaw meets Elle Woods" as her style definition. She makes the fancy classic dresses that we all love, but her specialty is these adorable little rompers, halter dresses, and peplums, in the most fun, epic fabrics with the coolest trims and details I've ever seen. When I say I'm addicted to her shop, I'm not even partially kidding. Our stash is incredible and it's still growing. "




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