Ultimate Parental Playlist

Ultimate Parental Playlist

Missing the good good love of your better half?

Crank this playlist when the kids are all tucked in bed 

Love Marvin Gaye? Usher? What about some Weezer?

No love playlist could be complete without some, "I just wanna use your love tonight!" Right? 

Don't worry, we threw in some curve balls like "I can be your hero baby"

You know, When Enrique loved Anna and we all watched TRL!? 

We added some new stuff, specifically our Fort Worth Boy, Leon Bridges new jams like Mrs. , Shy, & Beyond. Maybe you'll find a new song to call "yours"!? 

We know that you probably haven't had a giant belly life today (or if you did, it was at someone's expense) Take a hot shower, Click shuffle on this playlist and get silly with your boo thang!



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