While some look at wholesale in a narrow way, those who understand and appropriately approach the concept can reach new customers and strengthen your network all while keeping cashflow coming in. We call that the win-win-win. 

Here are a few online platforms we recommend: 

It should come as no surprise as a Shopify friendly partner that we want to highlight their wholesale channel first. While there are a lot of things being fine tuned behind the scenes, this is the easiest way to start offering wholesale if you are already using the platform. 
Simply add the sales channel (after being accepted as a seller) and adjust the pricing and minimums. 
They just rolled out their checkout to make it even easier. They are adding a "relevancy" sorting option soon and analytics. 
Pro Tip: 
They only feature "Apparel" + "Beauty + Wellness" so even if you make accessories or baby items, if they qualify for the generalized "Apparel" opt for that category. It'll get you more views until you score a few established buyers. 
Hopefully this will change as they grow, but for now this is the best way to get on that front page. *Check out TBBB profile here*


Tundra is a major player in the wholesale e-comm space. Their platform is most desirable especially for lowest risk because IT'S FREE! 
I'll let them tell you: 

How does Tundra make money?

Tundra does not charge a fee, markup, or commission on orders between buyers and suppliers and never will. We make money by providing optional services and features. Buyers can purchase expedited shipping, insurance and prepaid duties and taxes for international orders at checkout. Suppliers can pay for promotion and additional product and brand exposure. We will continue to roll out additional value-added services to buyers and suppliers based on the most requested features.

Some of the best features Tundra has:
*Referrals (yes, please)
Join as a seller :access to new buyers! 
Join as a buyer  :$50 off your 1st order! 
            **This includes links that give me a small commission** 
*Easy Storefront
*Easy Import
*Member Profiles (staff)
*Bulk Editing
*Easy Shipping 
*Easy Integration
*Net Terms 

Pro Tip: 
After importing your products, bulk edit the categories. It'll save you hours! 


Abound is a fairly reputable wholesale platform and has some beautiful benefits like Faire- but comes at an equally marked cost. They do a flat 8% commission and just as Faire, they do quite a bit of promoting and ads for their sellers. 
Quick features: 
*Free Retuns on 1st order
*Easy Returns
*Upfront Payments
*BuyBack Returned Items
*Abound Boost 


While Faire might be the most expensive option, they are also the TOP option in promoting you. They charge more and really do put that money to work- FOR YOU! Their retarget ads are hand down the best. They will work hard for you. 
They are also the most reputable. 
While they charge a pretty hefty commission (15-25%) they do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. 
A few great features: 
*Direct links
*Ship Tab 
*Net Terms 

Pro Tip:

0% fee on a direct link click. This means someone who has already shopped with you, or you directly bring to Abound costs you nothing!!! 


If you choose to do wholesale, consider trying one of these platforms out. Once you're comfortable, consider showing up to wholesale markets and/or hiring a sales rep. It can really take your brand to the next level. We encourage you not to look at wholesale as selling for no or low margins, and instead as an opportunity to network, reach more customers and fine tune your retail presence. 

Let us know if you end up using one of these platforms after reading this blog. 

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