If you've never joined us for live grab bags- WELCOME!

We take all the leftover fabric we have from production and marry them together for some seriously funky fun!!! These are reduced, and always a huge surprise!!!!

You simply head to the website, click on grab bags

(we've put them right on the front page for you today) and snag the style(s) and size(s) you want. Then you wait for us to call your order #.

While we are live, we will show you what grab bags you got!!!

With EVERY purchase today we are giving you a number off our prize board! Behind every number is a MOM surprise- just in time for Mother's day.

It might be a gift card, earrings, self care item or something else. Even if it's not for you, it'll be sent FREE in your order and you can pay it forward!!!


Starting today- we are doing something extra special- a GOLDEN EGG grab bag!!!

One surprise item will get a little extra glam!

We won't tell you what size or style it is. To make it fair, the golden egg item will go to the very first person who orders that size and style.

(Ex. Today's golden egg could be a 4T Milo Bloomer that has tulle on it! Whoever ordered a 4T Milo bloomer FIRST would get the golden egg grab bag)

These golden egg grab bags are valued at $45-52 for our typical OOAK type sale!!!


As a reminder, grab bags are non refundable. If you find you don't like your item, check out our BST page that our gracious community runs!!! Ready- Set- SHOP!!!

4 products

4 products