Fancy Bags- Halter Dress

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Like Grab Bags, fancy bags will be a surprise, kind of! You’ll get to choose your style + a choice to fancy it up! Leave the rest to us!

(You can leave color suggestions but please know, they’re just suggestions)

The fun is in letting Dorie create a funky item that is totally unique to your piece!


If you’d like to upgrade your grab bag, be sure to cart the size romper + any add-ons. 

Dress- $25 

Duo-is where we split the design on the top of the peplum. 

Trim-could be anything! Some lace up the middle, some pompoms along bottom, some fringe on the neckline. 

Tulle- this will add a tutu on the skirt

Ruffle- this will add a ruffle around the entirety of the skirt.