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Baby Girl Gift Guide

If you've got a sweet baby girl on your shopping list this holiday season, you'll want to take a peek at this incredible guide- packed with incredible small businesses.  Sew Sweet Sew Adorable Use code: CREATEJOY for 10% off Mattie + MaseUse code: CHEER for 20% offOwl + Roo Use code:MERRY for 10% off    Creatables  Use code: BONUS for a free chef's hat + apron w/purchase of a sidekick   Little Green Bird Use code: JOLLY for 20% off   Lillie's Lovelies Use code: JOLLY20 for 20% offSalt City Littles Use code: MERRY for 20% off      The Baby Bird Boutique Use code: COMFORT for 15% off We  hope this guide helped you tackle your shopping list, and discover new small businesses. This...

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Self Care Saturday

Oh ya, if it isn't already a regular thing in your home, it better be starting today!   We want you to remember focusing on you. What's your favorite way to clear your head? What makes you feel like you? Is it a walk by water? A long drive in the dark with music blaring? Is it sitting in the garden in silence? Is it journaling? Maybe it's just a long shower where every single part of you gets a nice scrub!    Here is our ideas for celebrating self care Saturday!    What's your go-to for decompressing? 

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Free Date Nights

Hey Bird Fam!  Our 2019 focus is gonna be on the mommies, the reason this community goes round.  We recently discovered when our own staff was faced with balancing work & family, the one thing they compromised on was themselves, and we aren't having that in the new year!!!  Because of this, we vow to bring something specifically for you mommies!    First up, we know with Valentine's Day coming up, or even a resolution to do more as  a couple, usually the reason there is no follow through is because of 1.) sitter & 2.) Budget   You aren't alone. Even Owner, Dorie has a hard time finding the time for Daddy Bird with balancing mom duties, business, housework,...

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